Our History


Late 1960
“Through the influence of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Noland and interested friends in the Toulon area, a Bible class was started in late 1960.  Pastor Clifford C. Ecker of Bradford First Baptist Church volunteered his services to conduct these Bible classes on Thursday night of each week.”

October 15, 1961
“The Rebecca Lodge was rented and the first regular church service was held October 15, 1961”

“A meeting was called to decide what type of church we wished to establish…it was unanimous that we at a later date apply to be affiliated with the C.B.A.”

“It was determined that we would pay him (Pastor Ecker) $20 per week until we are able to do more.”

Morning Offering: $37.50


October 22, 1961
A meeting was called following the church services to discuss a name for our new church…Three names were nominated:
(A) New Hope Baptist Church
(B) Faith Baptist Church
(C) Grace Baptist Church


October 23, 1961
“The meeting was called to vote on the name of our new church.  It was decided the church definitely needed a name to identify itself with…”
(A) New Hope Baptist Church (1 vote)
(B) Faith Baptist Church (8 votes)
(C) Grace Baptist Church (3 votes)


November 12, 1961
“Renting of room on 2nd floor of Packer Building.  It is 35’ by 30’ with raised platform…rent is $40 monthly (includes heat)”


November 26, 1961
“at which time the church was moved to 223 W. Main, second floor of the Packer Building.”


February 9, 1962
“[Pastor Ecker] read the roll call of Charter Members:

  • Carol Noland
  • Richard Noland
  • Muriel Kilstrom
  • Dwayne Negley
  • Joanne Negley
  • Robert Dustin
  • Willamae Dustin

[Underlined members were elected as Trustees]


March 4, 1962
A meeting was called to discuss the possibility of Mr. Stanley P. Scott pastoring here at Faith Baptist Church…
 It was 6 – no and 4 – yes.


April 24, 1962
…to vote on possibility of Rev. William Carter…
It was 7 – no and 3 – yes.


May 1, 1962
[completion of Constitution and Doctrinal Statement]
Pastor Ecker read constitution and doctrinal statement and there was a time of questions and discussion…”
Vote for constitution and doctrinal statement:
Yes: 7  No: 1  Blank: 1

Absentee votes counted: (counted May 10, 1962)
Yes: 4  No: o  Blank: 0


Possibilities for first pastor:

  • Stanley P. Scott (4 yes; 6 no)
  • Albert Urch (refused candidacy)
  • Al Chambers (no repy)
  • Frank Euler (could not candidate until 7/8/62)
  • William Carter (3 yes; 7 no)
  • Lawrence Mullinax (11 yes, 0 no)


May 3, 1962
Rev Lawrence Mullinax candidated here April 29, 1962.  He was accompanied by his wife Mary and two young sons, Brian (4) and Martin (1 ½).”
“After discussion and prayer , the members voted by secret ballot.  It was 11 yes [unanimous]”


May 10, 1962
Received acceptance letter from Rev. Mullinax.
He stated he would be here 5/14/62.


June 13, 1962
Bob Dustin made the motion we purchase the property (Noland property) and accept the loan ($9,000 total: $6,000 from bank, and $3,000 from personal note with Carol Noland. Dwayne Negley seconded.  Motion carried.


Aug 1, 1962
“Pastor Mullinax proposed a motion be  made we associate with C.B.A…motion carried.


September 1963
Pastor Mullinax resigned and the church moved to the basement of the Dustin’s house due to financial reasons.


October 20, 1963
Voted by secret ballot for David E. Barnetts as pastor:
NO: 8  YES: 1


November 6, 1963
Rev Jochums starts as interim pastor.


February 13, 1964
Voted by secret ballot for Harold Eckert as pastor:
NO: 0  YES: 8


June 10, 1964
“Pastor appointed Bob Dustin, Ernie Schmidt, and Richard Smith to be on building committee…We must on faith do something about a building.”


November 4, 1964
Discussion about selling parsonage for funds for new building.


December 9, 1964
The parsonage was listed for sale with John Cover.


December 15, 1965
A letter of resignation received by Pastor Eckert.


April 5, 1966
Ground was broken for new church building.


April 6, 1966
Ernie Schmidt Jr was asked to fill the pulpit.  It was determined that we would pay him $15 per week.


September 11, 1966
The first service was held in the basement of the new church building.  Thursday nights were scheduled as work nights for the continued construction of the building.


May 10, 1967
Ernest Schmidt made a motion to call pastor Charles Amell.  Unanimous vote.  Pay would be $35/month.  He moved to town on July 17, 1967.


January 1968
Ernie Schmidt made a motion to hire Mr. George Coakley and Pastor Amell to work on the church when Mr. Coakley has a free day.


January 7, 1970
Ruby was chosen for the color of the Plexiglas cross.


March 29, 1970
The first service in the sanctuary was held on Easter.


July 5, 1970
The first baptism service was held.


November 1971
Pastor Amell resigned from church


January 1972
Pastor Howell begins as pastor.


February 18, 1973
Pastor Howell resigns as pastor.


August 1, 1973
Pastor Walters was unanimously called to be pastor.


October 2, 1974
A motion was made and passed to investigate cost of repairing parsonage foundation.


March 27, 1977
The seventh anniversary of the sanctuary was observed with Pastor Howell and Pastor Amell preaching in service.


April 5, 1978
Discussed need to do some repairs on basement lights.



November 1980
Pastor Walters resigns.


November 1980
Pastor Clark begins ministry at Faith.


March 25, 1981
Discussed using parsonage for Sunday School classrooms and purchasing a second home to be used as parsonage.


May 23, 1981
Pastor stated that something needed to be done in faith with parsonage.


May-Aug 1982
Considered option of building on to south side of church building to increase classroom space.  Cost would be $13,202 for basement space; $19,395 for addition added to both floors.


Nov 1982
Pastor Clark resigns.


December 1982
Stephen Nulph begins ministry here.


October 26, 1982
After 10 months, Stephen Nulph resigns.  His closing statement was: “You don’t have to be a big church to be a great church!


July 1984
Lee Fanning begins ministry here.


October 1985
After 14 months of ministry, Pastor Fanning resigns for reasons of “lack of growth”.


March 1986
Delbert Howell returns to the ministry here.


January 4, 1989
Voted to offer $5,000 for property to the east.


April 5, 1989
Property purchased for $6,000.  It was determined that tear the house down once the loan is paid off.



July 1990
Pastor Howell resigns.


January 1991
David Lynn is called to be the 10th pastor


January 17, 1996
Lights in basement are going to be replaced.


January 1998
Carpet replaced in sanctuary.


July 18, 1999
Discussed tearing down Moch house. (the house on the property purchased to the east)



June 2001
Pastor Lynn resigns.


February 24, 2002
Art Nutzhorn is called to be the 11th pastor.


August 7, 2002
Since Moch house has not been removed, it was approved to replace roof and flooring.  Difficulties in burning down due to asbestos siding.


October 13, 2002
Church is severely damaged by fire, believed to have been caused by lights in the basement.  Services would be held at Martin’s Lodge next week and then bank basement until rebuilding completed.


January 2003
Garage is built on property. A great blessing for storage of new items for church during reconstruction.


March 30, 2003
Church building is rededicated for ministry.


October 8, 2003
Vote is cast to demolish Moch house by fire department.


October 12, 2003
Pastor Art is ordained.


October 2005
Storage shed is built on property after previous shed was lost in storm in 2003.




November 11, 2010
After a year of discussion and votes, Pastor moves out of parsonage.  Parsonage foundation is beyond repairs.  Will either need to be lifted off of foundation in order to completely replace foundation or tear down.


September 2011
Parsonage is demolished.  Neighbor Danny Wagher knocks down house and disposes of debris for cost of scrap that he was able to get from house.