About Us

While not the entire objective of gathering together, the preaching is the time when we can be challenged by the Word of God.

Sunday Mornings

During the Sunday morning service, starting at 10:30, we are working our way chronologically through the Gospels. We started this series in 2014 and are finally nearing the end of the series. Each Sunday morning, we look at the next passage expositionally, meaning, we look at the meaning of the passage in light of the context.

Sunday Afternoons

Our Sunday afternoon services begin around 1pm. We are currently working our way through the book of Hebrews, connecting the Old Covenant with the New Covenant in Christ. Twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Sundays, we have a teen service during the afternoon service. Currently, the teen service is working through a study on ``The Marks of a True Winner``.

Wednesday Evenings

Each Wednesday at 6pm, we continue in our current study on Trusting God. We are often quick to deny that we lack in our trust of God, but truly trusting God is most evident in the midst of our trials. What do we do in the midst of our trials? Once a month, typically about the middle of the month, we hold our mid-week services at Courtyard Village in Kewanee.

About Faith Baptist Church

“Faith Baptist” is not a type of Baptist Church, as in, all “Faith Baptist Churches” are somehow connected to each other.

We are are an independent Baptist church which means that we do not have a union with any hierarchy or governing board.  As a community of believers, we are able to “govern” ourselves through the truths and principles of the Word of God.  The role of the pastor is to shepherd the church as an “under-shepherd”.  The role of the deacons are to serve the church.  The role of the congregation is to fellowship together through the work of the ministry.

We are a member of the Association of Illinois Baptist Churches which joins the resources of many independent baptist churches in Illinois in order to plant churches within our state.  We also support five missionaries that extend the reach of our church well beyond the borders of Toulon.

Our history and further details about our church are found on other pages of our site.

Our Vision and Identity

Our vision is not about large edifices of man nor to establish the largest church in Central Illinois.  Our vision is to live out Christ to a society that is seeking for answers.  Our vision is to live our ministry in such ways to hear “well done”.

Our identity is not found in our facilities, in our ministries, in our community, or even in our pastor!  Our identity is in Christ; our legacy is in Christ; and our purpose is in Christ.  We are not the only church and we are not the biggest church, we are a small family church that is committed to living out Christ!

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